Promoting your business can take a lot of money. Especially if you need to massively increase the number of customers buying from you.

That being said, it does not have to. In fact, if you follow these simple tips, there are cheap and easy ways to promote any business. Including yours.

Start with a Facebook page — While Facebook is not as cheap and easy as it used to be when it comes to using it for company promotions, it can still be a great way to promote your business. Create a business page, if you do not have one, and post to it every day. People who live in your area will often look for products or services they need on Facebook, so having a company page is the first step towards them finding you.

Make blog comments — A completely free way of growing your customer base is to comment on blogs on other domains. Find blogs that are on the same subject as something your business sells, and leave comments at the bottom of several articles. Not only will the blog owner likely follow the link you leave back to your company’s site, but other readers will as well.

Custom printed stickers — Have both large and small custom printed stickers created. Use the small ones to decorate company envelopes, to stick to bulletin boards or to give out at local community events. Use the larger ones as window decals, and the large and funny ones as bumper stickers. All of these are wonderful ways to promote your business, yet stickers are extremely inexpensive. Visit Canada sticker printing to get your stickers today.

Post good content on your company’s blog — You should regularly write content for your company’s blog, and then promote it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. After all, your blog is one of the best ways to get new leads. It’s also good for SEO according to the experts at seolutions.