It is never fun getting caught up in the law. However, when you do get caught up in the law, the best thing to do is to hire a criminal solicitor to help defend you in the courtroom.

Trying to defend yourself can be much more costly for you in the extended scheme of things.

You may find that you will pay a much higher fine or serve more time behind bars, which, of course, is NOT what you want.

In this article, we will give you a few examples of when you may want to hire a criminal solicitor to defend you.

3 Situations When You Should Look Into Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Australia

Number 1.Drunk or Drug Driving

Drinking and driving is a serious offence. Not only do you place your life in harm’s way, but you potentially place the life of others who may not even be in the vehicle with you in harm’s way.

If you have been caught under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and you get caught, you will most likely want to hire a criminal solicitor to defend you, especially if another party was involved in the accident.

Number 2. Any Type Of Assault Charge

Assaulting someone is yet anther serious office that can land you some time behind bars. However, assuming the cause of the attack, meaning if you were defending yourself and you need to prove that your attack was all just self-defense, you will need to hire a criminal solicitor to help defend you.

Number 3. Stealing Offence

Lastly, stealing is also a serious office. Maybe not as serious as the two former enters, but this is still an offence that you will get some heat for.

Other Offences That You Will Want To Hire A Criminal Solicitor For

Here are a few more criminal offences that you will want to hire a criminal solicitor for:

  • Wound offence
  • Traffic Offence
  • Stalking, Intimidation, or Harassment
  • Robbery (Robbery and Stealing Offences are NOT the same)
  • Fraud Offences
  • Manslaughter (this probably goes without saying)

There are several other offences that you will want to hire a firm like criminal lawyers Sydney. However, the ones that we have taken the liberty to list above are some of the most serious criminal offences.

Reaching out to a criminal solicitor will prove to be incredibly invaluable to you, and your efforts to get less time behind bars or to pay less than you may have to in fines.

Don’t try and defend yourself as you will find that you may actually do more harm to yourself than good.